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Bid Match

  • To ensure that your clients receive only those bid opportunities they are interested in, OutreachSystems plays a very active role in writing search profiles. When you submit the keywords, phrases, and product codes (e.g. NSNs, SICs, NAICS) that best describe your client's business via the Neoserra profile set-up screen, they are thoroughly reviewed and fine tuned (by people, not computers!) based on our 20 years of experience. Common keyword misspellings and pluralizations, wildcards, proximity statements, exclude statements, and many other Boolean logic operators are added to your search profiles to produce the most accurate results possible.

Comprehensive Bid Database

Especially popular among PTACs, the Bid Match Program has everything your center needs to keep its clients alerted to relevant bid opportunities.

Notice how we call it a program and not a module or a utility or a feature. That's because the Bid Match Program is so much more than a bundle of software code. It's an entire service, backed by a dedicated OutreachSystems bid match team, that brings you the most comprehensive database of bid opportunities on the market; the most sophisticated tools available for filtering those bid opportunities; and a Web-based delivery system that brings bid opportunities right to your clients' desktops. Our data sources include:


    OutreachSystems' USABID database consists of bid opportunities from city, county, and state agencies across the United States. To populate this proprietary database, our Internet Research Team monitors close to 1500 procurement Web sites daily.


    FedBizOpps is the Internet entry point for all federal bids over $25,000.

    Small Purchases

    OutreachSystems' unique "Small" database includes federal bids not advertised in the FedBizOpps database that are less than $25,000 in value. Included are T-, Q-, R-, and X-bid opportunities that are retrieved daily from DLA's various electronic bulletin boards along with bids from a number of other sources.

    Blue Tops

    Blue Tops are DoD press releases issued for contract awards valued at $5,000,000 or more. These press releases help you keep on top of potential subcontracting opportunities.


    OutreachSystems' international database includes international agricultural leads, bids from the Official Journal of the European Union and bid opportunities from MERX, the Canadian equivalent of the FedBizOpps database.

Electronic Delivery

Your clients will receive notification e-mails from your program whenever new bid matches are available. These e-mails link the client to their own personal page on OutreachSystems' Web site, where they can view the newly posted bid matches as well as all bid matches posted in the last 30 days. You too will have access to this bid match directory so that you can track the bids your clients are matching on.


BidCenter is an online interface that allows you to publish bid opportunities on behalf of any government agency. It's intended as a tool for you to use to advertise bid opportunities that otherwise have no online forum for people (or OutreachSystems) to monitor. The opportunities that you enter into BidCenter are searched and distributed to your clients like any other bid opportunity that resides in OutreachSystems' database.